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St. Dallan's Primary School, Warrenpoint

Mission Statement

The vision of St Dallan’s Primary School is one where each child and staff member feels valued, respected and loved; where talents and abilities are nurtured to enable all to reach their potential, in an inclusive environment committed to our shared Christian values.

Aims of the School

St Dallan’s Primary School is a place where both staff and students work in the pursuit of all aspects of spiritual, educational, inclusiveness and personal excellence.

To achieve this we have the following aims:

  1. To foster a love of learning where children will be stimulated, motivated and challenged to become independent thinkers and learners.
  2. To provide an ethos with Pastoral Care at the heart ensuring every child feels valued and respected in all that they do and achieve.
  3. To develop an awareness in each child of their skills, talents and abilities and to give children the confidence to try new things and pursue the many windows of opportunity available.
  4. To develop a school community which respects the rights and beliefs of others and where good discipline, courtesy and good manners are the very foundation of our relationship with others.
  5. To provide a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to the needs of each child, where high expectations are set and children have the desire and determination to work to the best of their ability.
  6. To establish effective relationships between school home, and community utilizing the many skills and talents that exist to enrich the provision for all our pupils.