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St. Dallan's Primary School, Warrenpoint

Primary 7 Buddies

25th Jan 2022

In St. Dallan's our Primary 7 pupils can apply for jobs of responsibility that can help to make school time and playtime a happier time for all our pupils in P1, 2, 3 & 4.

 PATHS Pals 

• We organise games for the pupils to play e.g. skipping, tig, German jumps, football shoot, target throw etc.
• We show the younger children how to play together e.g. taking turns, being a good sport.
• We have indoor duties too:
• We look out for children who may not be playing, find out what these children like to play and encourage them to join in.
• We help lunchtime supervisors on days when children are unable to play outside because of bad weather.
• We play games with the pupils. e.g. I spy, organising concerts, singing songs.


• We help the assistants in their work with pupils who may find outdoor playtime too difficult. We are there to help these children have someone to play with and help initiate games with a group of children.
• When indoors we play games such as lego and board games with these pupils so that playtime will be fun time for them.

Lost Property Monitors

• We gather up lost property and return it to pupils where possible.
• We leave unclaimed items in the lost property area.
• We organise the display of lost property at the end of each month so that pupils and parents can reclaim lost items.

PE Buddies

• We work alongside Mrs Daly and Mr Rice to ensure PE equipment is in good working order and is kept tidy in the store.
• We help organise and play an active role in the Sports Days for all children P1 - P7.
• We assist any teacher who requests help with putting out and putting away P.E. equipment.

Reading Buddies

• We read together with children who may need some help or encouragement with their reading.
• We share our love of reading with other children.

ICT Buddies

• We help the children in each class to log onto their desk top and navigate their area
• We help children work on new programs or ICT activities.

Numeracy Buddies

  • We help children develop their numeracy skills.