P7 Victorian Experience in Castle Ward

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On Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th May Primary 7 pupils from St. Dallan’s visited Castle Ward, Downpatrick, to enhance the work they have been doing in their World Around Us topic ‘Life in Victorian Times.’

The pupils, many of whom dressed as Victorian children for the day, participated in interactive workshops, giving them valuable insight into 'Life Below Stairs' at Castle Ward. The pupils enjoyed guided activity tours of the House, Laundry, Dairy and Victorian Pastime Centre.

.......LOTS more photos to follow!!

All dressed up and ready to go!
Arriving at Castle Ward!!
A perfect 'Bishop's Hat'
A Secret Doorway!
Secret passageway behind bookshelf!
A Victorian Bathroom
How much water would it take to fill this ?
The cellar
Butler choosing wine from cellar
Dairy house
Dairy hands preparing butter
Making butter!
Making butter in the dairy
In the dairy
Laundry room
Laundry room
In the Victorian laundry
Hard at work in the laundry
Keep scrubbing!
Laundry chores explained
This laundry is hard work!
Trying out for a job in the laundry
Iron display
Phew! This ironing is hard work!
No creases please
Time to iron!
Mangle demonstration
Dining room
Polishing silver with plenty of elbow grease!
Time to polish the silverware
Boot polishing
No chance you'll ever make good 'maids'!
Even the big children enjoyed the slides!!
Entertainment in the playroom
Feeding Time!
Fun in the Victorian playroom
Lunch 'al fresco!'